8367849405_9e4fd4b2aa_zThe Importance of Being Centered and Grounded
By Carla Winter

Particularly during times of duress and stress, being centered and grounded is a very positive state, though not necessarily easily attained without conscious effort. Stress grabs our mind, wrenches our hearts, poisons our bloodstream and if we let it, can kill us.

Sometimes we feel we are handling our stress well, then we are overloaded with too many stressful inputs from too many sources and succumb to its destructive power.

By centering one’s thoughts and grounding one’s energy to the earth, we create a core center that becomes unflappable and also a channel to release stress energy from us. One can experience immediate relief and a greater connection to self by performing the following simple exercise.

Sit quietly in a chair with both feet flat on the ground and the palms of your hands resting on your thighs. Take a few slow deep breaths. Say hello to yourself. Notice where your consciousness is. Are you centered squarely in your head? Imagine an invisible triangle drawn from eye to eye and then back into the middle of your head in the space between your eyes. Say hello to yourself again. Are you in that center or shoved aside by other energies and stresses? Breathe again. As you release your breath, stay focused in your head and notice the base of your spine. Imagine extending a long tail, an anchor, a cord, whatever you need, and dropping it right to the center of the earth. Breathe again and exhale, releasing your energy through that tail.

The receptive earth will absorb it. Back to your center behind your eyes. Say hello to yourself again, if you notice your thoughts have wandered. Keep breathing and releasing through your grounding cord. When you feel very connected, imagine opening up to the cosmic and allowing clear clean energy to wash through you. Allow it to cleanse your auric field of stressful debris.

Continue to ground and release during this process. Go back into the center of your head. Say hello to yourself again.

By performing this centering grounding exercise one should experience a greater sense of self, and also relief from the pollution of stress that was displacing your personal center where all is peaceful and calm. It’s like being the eye in the middle of a hurricane, instead of in the whirling wind.

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