Mindfulness and Meditation

15756503205_ec7977cdf1_zWikipedia identifies mindfulness as “the practice whereby a person is intentionally aware of his or her thoughts and actions in the present moment, non-judgmentally”. Although my faith is based in Jesus Christ, I am thankful that He has given me the gift of openness to explore and implement practices from other faiths. Mindfulness practices started and are more commonly practiced in the Eastern religions.

After I read Practice in the Presense of God, I began focusing on the presense of the god of my understanding– a very personal and present God.

In 1976, when I began implementing breathing exercise with  meditation practices, I immediately knew that finding my center and focusing on my breath in and breath out enabled calm and peace to flow through my body. Being human, I learned in a moment what has taken a lifetime to implement. Transcendental meditation has been found to decrease heart rate and blood pressure because the mind-body connection prospers when one experiences peace and calm.

The following websites can help someone to experience mindfulness, mediation and peace:
(1) 43 folders: Mindulness: The practice of being “here”

(2) youmeworks: Using mindulness to make life more enjoyable

(3) shambhalasun: How to do Mindfulness Meditation

(4) creating_passionate_users: Your brain on multitasking

(5) indigosun: Mindfulness and the Discovery of the Self by Joan Borysenko

(6) mindfullivingprograms: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

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